Improve Your Home's Air Quality

Improve Your Home's Air Quality

We offer UV lamp installations in Noblesville & Cicero, IN

Does someone in your home constantly battle allergies? Do you want to prevent airborne mold and bacteria? Mr. Lee Heating & Cooling, LLC offers UV lamp installations for your home or office.

UV lamps sterilize air before it moves into your commercial or residential space. They are also an effective way to control mold inside your HVAC unit's air handler.

Our experienced technician will ensure proper installation so you can get the most out of your UV lamps. Call 317-766-2409 today to learn more about our UV lamp installation services in the Noblesville & Cicero, IN area.

Get UV lights in your home or office today to start reaping the benefits. A UV light that is installed near the coils will help to prevent:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus

UV light maintenance and bulb replacements are recommended once per year. Contact Mr. Lee Heating & Cooling for indoor air quality services in Noblesville, IN.

We are located in Noblesville, IN but serve areas including:

Cicero, IN
Fisher, IN
Indianapolis, IN
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